When it comes to Dystopian Future Films, the bar has been set pretty high. The only problem is that the bar is surrounded by flaming towers of tires and roving bandits wearing scrap metal armor. For your enjoyment, Q & J have traveled into an unlikely future where technology controls humanity, reality television praises our basest human instincts and a moronic celebrity is President. You wouldn’t even believe the things we’ve seen in a world like that. In this exploration of the Top 5 Dystopian Future Films episode, we explore questions like “Is Idiocracy a documentary”, “How talented in Harrison Ford, really?”, and “Did Arnold Schwarzenegger predict the end of MasterChef?”

We also take a break from time travel to return to our when and where to see how accurately sci-fi movies from the 80s predicted the world we live in now and geek out about movies we watched this past week. All in all, our trip to the future was enlightening and we did things we aren’t proud of, but it’s nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn’t let us into Heaven for.

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