[12:36A] The following audio was stitched together after the disappearance of two podcasts hosts, referred to here as Q and J, from [REDACTED]. The contents of this audio lead the government entities involved to believe it is a historical record of the Top 5 Found Footage movies of all time with the help of international [REDACTED]. From the woods surrounding Burkittsville, MD to the horrors of the Amazon to the national travesty in New York City, no great found footage film escapes discussion, with the shared #1 of [REDACTED].

When the horrors get too deep, we’ve changed audio frequencies to investigate related, second-favorite audio tapes as to not overwhelm whomever may come across these recordings. Even the playful interlude of the Found Libbage game, consisting of [REDACTED], can’t mute the deep psychological depths of [REDACTED]. Listen at your own risk, but if you must listen, learn something along the way, lest you succumb to the same fate.

[These files have been leaked by [REDACTED] in the interest of public safety.]

Found Footage