You know him. You love him. He’s danced, sang, and clawed his way into our collective hearts, and on this episode, Mia, Q, and J want to do nothing but subsist on the movie candy that is Hugh Jackman! From his breakthrough performance as Wolverine to help establish superhero movies as a viable franchise type, to his live-action recording of Les Misérables, up to his career-defining turn wearing prosthetic testicles on his face! Is there nothing he can’t do? We’re going to find out when we rank the Top 5 Hugh Jackman Movies of All Time!

It’s not all talk about Hugh Jackman, though. We also talk about actors that aren’t as good as Hugh Jackman, and movies that are similar to The Prestige but didn’t star Hugh Jackman. But ultimately, if you don’t like Hugh Jackman or Hugh Jackman movies, this episode about Hugh Jackman may not be for Hugh.

Hugh Jackman

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