The loneliest a person can feel is when they don’t know who to trust. We’re not sure who said that, or if it’s a real quote or not, but it sounds smart and applies to feeling isolated, which is what this episode is all about! It’s possible we’ve spent too much time alone recently, but Q and J decide the only way out is through and talk the Top 5 Movies About Isolation! You can feel alone whether in a remote Alaskan outpost, stuck on an island, or on the moon. You can also feel alone stuck in a house quarantined and need the sweet, sweet release of podcasting.

Where was I? Oh, right…

Also, find out which movie characters J and Q would bring with them to a desert island. Who would you bring? Would it be dead Daniel Radcliffe from Swiss Army Man? You haven’t seen Swiss Army Man? Dude, you seriously need to see that. See you in the episode!


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