He’s a grown little man, we’re a big little podcast. So when Q and J dive into the Top 5 Kevin Hart Movies, it’s a match made in heaven, just like Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson…or Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish…or Kevin Hart and The Rock…or Kevin Hart and Ice Cube…or Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell…or Kevin Hart and Dwayne “Jumanji Rock” Johnson. What starts off as a conversation about Night School ends up in some very interesting places.

We’re so excited to be talking about Kevin Hart duo movies that we even pitch a full one that he and Mattie Breaux can star in together during our #MattieMoment. Between discussions about a new business venture in the rare meats industry, we actually align on what the best Kevin Hart movies are for your enjoyment. If you don’t listen, Kevin Hart will crawl under your doorway and smack you silly while you sleep!

Kevin Hart Jumanji 2

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