“Nature is a cruel beast,” some smart person once said. Or was it “Nature is as Nature does?” Who knows. All we know is Seth MacFarlane summed it nicely when he said, “Damn Nature, you scary!” This week on the show, Q & J take a look at movies where the only villain is simply being outdoors, in their Top 5 Man vs Nature movies of all time. When life gives you Nature, you make Nature Made, but what do you do when life gives you an F5 tornado? Or a tidal wave? Or 5 minutes of spot-on Owen Wilson impressions? You made the most devastating podcast in the history of ever, that’s what you do.


After living in the wreckage of natural disasters, the guys come up with small scale Man vs Nature movies, before diving back into the best damn Owen Wilson impressions this side of the Rio Grande. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but that’s just how Nature plays dirty, the saying goes. After listening to this episode you’ll truly understand the dangers of ever going outside, so let’s just stay in and play video games. What do you say?


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