One thing Dwayne “Seriously, You’re Still Calling me The Rock” Johnson is great at is spinning off movies from other movies. Just look at Scorpion King or this week’s Hobbs & Shaw. Giving ourselves another excuse to talk at length about The Rock and LEGO Batman, Q and J are diving into what constitutes a true spin-off movie and deciding, once and for all, what are the Top 5 Movie Spin-Offs of all time!

When we aren’t talking the merits of Puss in Boots and arguing whether or not Finding Dory is a spin-off or sequel, J discusses his plans to create a spin-off podcast focused on My Little Pony and Q and J truly ponder the merits of John Cena’s career prospects. Also, find out how many different professional fighters have portrayed the Scorpion King over the years. Tune in, don’t spin out, to this week’s episode!

Hobbs and Shaw Movie Spin Offs


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