Well, that sucked! Q and J celebrate the garbage fire that was the year 2016 the only way they know how, talking about their movies. The guys comb through the cinders of celebrity deaths and political unrest to point out which movies made the biggest impact on them throughout the year. Keep in mind, these aren’t the BEST movies of 2016 (since J and Q haven’t seen them all), just their FAVORITE movies…which makes them the best, and if you don’t agree, you can suck it.

When the guys aren’t gushing about the only good things about 2016, they’re sticking it to the calendar year of chaos by playing “Fuck You, 2016” and trying to trick each other about what actually went down in the last 12 months, and what was just made up to hurt each other’s feelings. Yes, there are second-favorite sponsors, and yes, there are laughs, but more than that, there’s heart, and we want you touching our hearts before we touch you. Let’s get High Five: The Podcast Season 2 started with a bang by shitting on all of last year!!

Fuck you 2016