Join Q and J as they throw the script out the window and take a deep look into the sub-realms of indie cinema and explore the Top 5 Mumblecore (and Mumblegore) films of all time! Are you on Team Linklater, Team Duplass, or Team Ty? The guys delve into real-world problems portrayed by people funnier than you. Oh, also, they come up with porn titles for all the Mumblecore movies they can think of, so there’s that.

When they aren’t mumbling like morons, they hear from some second-favorite sponsors while stroking each other’s beards and try to read each other’s lips while listening to loud music. Which one them dances with Frances Ha and which one partakes in a Sacrament? You’ll have to listen to find out! Trust us, it’s not as boring as it sounds. Well…..maybe it is….but it’s not……shut up.

Drinking Buddies