What do Mambo No. 5, Flappy Bird and Tom Hanks have in common? That’s right, they were all one hit wonders that we love to hate. You may think we’re wrong about Tom Hanks being in that list, but on this episode, Q & J are discussing and dissecting the Top 5 One Hit Wonder Directors of all time. These are the guys that came out of the gate on fire, and in most cases, got consumed by that fire, leaving nothing but a pile of ash, disappointment, and charred pocket lint. These are directors that introduced the world to some of the best films of all time, giving us a glimpse into their worlds, only to vanish and leave us wanting more, like a bad lover.

When we aren’t discussing famous flame-outs, we dive into the widely popular theory that Liv Tyler may be a living pile of Tony Kaye cum, all the things that director Tony Kaye looks like, and play a harrowing game of The Movie Title Game. You don’t want to miss it, trust us. Just like our list of directors, it’s possible we may dissipate into the mist once our American classic is on the books. See you later, masturbator. After while, pedophile.

One Hit Wonders