As Thanksgiving comes to a close and we peacefully transition into the happiest time of the year, Q, Mia, and J thought it would be appropriate to talk about a movie studio that always makes us feel joyous: Pixar. This year, Pixar is giving us a Christmas present in the form of Soul on Dec. 25, so we thought, what better time to survey the CGI landscape and see what kind of competition Soul has to live up to (pun intended)? That’s right! There’s no better way than making a list of the Top 5 Pixar Movies so far!

We dive deep into Riley’s head and travel up, up, and away with an old man and a wilderness explorer. We head to space and to the land of the dead, all while being pretty super about it and getting in bed by bedtime. Can Soul live up to the Pixar movies of old? There’s only one way to find out!

Best Pixar Movies

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