When you hear the word “Harry,” do you automatically think “and the Hendersons”? Are The Dark Crystal’s Gelflings more real to you than some family members? Are you reading this description and imagining it flying backwards through space? Then you’re a perfect candidate to listen to this episode! Not only do J and Q talk the Top 5 Practical Effects movies, they do it with very special guest Rick Prince (Syfy’s “Face Off”, Lwa: All Saint’s Eve)! The audio’s a bit off because they kidnapped him and pretended a dirty alley van was the Writer’s Room, but he had “fun.”

Not only do they talk practical effects, Rick gives them a first interview about his upcoming film Lwa: All Saint’s Eve and sticks around (against his will) to play Dream Casters. We hear from some amazing sponsors like Pee-Wee’s Big Colonoscopy, Stories from my Grandfather: The Box Set and more! Don’t miss it, unless you want Rick Prince to dress up like cyborg Darth Maul and haunt your dreams forever. We’re not joking.

Rick Prince