When you’re young, you believe there’ll be many podcasts you’ll connect with. Later in life, you realize it only happens a few times. Just like Julie Delpy, we know there are only a handful of Valentines Day podcasts about Rom-Coms you’ll want to listen to, and we’re happy that we had you at “Hello, this is High Five: the Podcast with Q and J.” This episode is dedicated to the Top 5 Rom-Com Tropes because when you realize you want a Top 5 Rom-Com movie podcast, you want that podcast to start as soon as possible.

Nobody puts High Five in the corner, so we’re being really honest about how we feel about Rom-Coms and one of us may even come to an epiphany. We’re just a podcast, streaming in front of an audience, asking you guys to watch our new movie “Satan, Actually” and listen to our Top 5 lists. You make us want to be a better podcast, because to us, you are perfect.

As you wish.

Rom-Com Tropes

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