Shane Black has been a part of our lives since the late 80s. Whatever he may be like in person (we don’t know, never met the guy), he was instrumental in shaping the tone of action movies in the 90s. Q and J try to get pumped for The Predator by going back through his filmography to once and for all decide what the Top 5 Shane Black Movies are. It’s a tough task because either way you go, you could potentially piss off Arnold Schwarzenegger or even Iron Man. And we definitely don’t want Riggs and Murtaugh coming after us.

When we aren’t auditioning for the Monster Squad, J and Q try to talk about anything BUT Shane Black and in doing so, find themselves smack dab in the middle of another #MattieMoment! It’s a dangerous world, just ask Hawkins, but we’re a quippy enough duo to survive a Shane Black movie…maybe.

Lethal Weapon Shane Black Movies

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