What do Matthew Broderick, Colin Farrell making a long distance call, and jazz harmonica Bruce Willis have to do with movies that take place in a single location? You’ll have to listen to our all new episode to find out! We travel from the classics like 12 Angry Men and My Dinner with André all the way to newer gems like Green Room and Coherence. It’s a journey that takes us through genre and decade until we finally end on the Top 5 Single-Location Movies of all time!

This week, Q kidnaps J again for another rousing episode where we dive into Sly Stallone’s chicken finger preparation preferences, what random facts Ferris Bueller wants to recite to you, and how you can tell a good single-location movie from a bad one. How does Clue stack up? Will Clerks make the final cut. There’s only one way to find out!


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