Sometimes, pod is better, and this week J and Q prove that by floating on down and talking all things Stephen King. Today marks the official release of Kölsch and Widmyer’s remake of Pet Sematary, so we celebrate by going on a trip through history to visit King’s coke-addled 80s adventures, the 90s King dramas, and the ongoing Kingassainse to discuss which films worked, which ones didn’t and which ones still make us make a Cujo in our tighty whiteys.

We cap this week by creating your definitive list of the Top 5 Stephen King Adaptations of all time! These are the ones that took the story King wrote and presented them the best and most faithfully on-screen. Trust us, people are going to want to know your opinions once this new Pet Sematary and IT: Chapter 2 come out this year. Don’t get caught with your Tommyknockers hangin’ out!

Salems Lot Stephen King

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