With the release of Laika’s newest stop motion magic trick (The Missing Link) sailing into theaters this week, Q and J decided to spend some time talking about the art form that is the Stop Motion Feature. How do humans with nothing more than clay and a lot of free time make inanimate objects come to life and what happens when we make movies with that magic? Whether you’re on Team Vinton, are a Laika Lackey, bow down before Sir Selick, or prefer your stop motion All Aardman, this episode has something special for you, culminating in the definitive Top 5 Stop Motion Movies list.

Don’t worry, we even get around to talking about Ray Harryhausen, because no talk about stop motion movies would be complete without getting a little hairy. Speaking of J and Q, learn about their first stop motion experiences and which films still feel impossible to them. Also, we recorded this whole episode in stop motion! How does that work? You’ll have to listen to find out!

California Raisins Stop Motion

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