Rise and shine, campers! It’s another beea-utiful day at Camp Donchawananooky and your counselors, Q & J, have a lot of fun activities planned for you. First, they have “Topless 5,” where they count down their Top 5 Summer Camp movies of all time, while not wearing shirts! Relive summer romances, epic pranks, and animals wearing parachutes to get you in that good time mood. Your next activity will require a gallon of peanut butter and a lifetime of regret, but we’ll keep that one a secret for now.

Following your morning entertainment and lunch in the mess hall, featuring Miss Gretta’s famous Sloppy Garys, join the afternoon fun when J & Q lead you in a game of One-Line Story, pitching the world’s weirdest summer camp movie (it involves gerbils that aren’t gerbils and a lot of sexual confusion) before you get on your too-short shorts and prepare for our Summer Camp Olympics against our rival camp. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out, so be sure you get your parents to sign the permission slips and leave your favorite summer camp movies in the comments!

Wet Hot American Summer