In an age where every movie seems to have “the most cutting-edge technology!!” and “the best cameras that have ever been made by humans!!!!,” it’s hard to narrow down which films actually used the technologies at their disposal and pushed the boundaries of how tech could be used to tell a story the best. Well, you’re in luck! Because Q and J launch from a conversation about how movies portray computers and social media into a world-ending discussion of the Top 5 Movies that Used Technology the Best. If you don’t want to be turned into an android, you’d better listen.

When they aren’t being manipulated by machines, J and Q discuss their favorite styles that technological advances have allowed. Are you more of A Scanner Darkly or The Matrix fan? Do you prefer sci-fi or lo-fi? Whatever your flavor, we’ve got you covered. We also launch a brand new segment to stalk Mattie Lynn Breaux in our very first #MattieMoment. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this one, because if you do, the computers may revolt against you.

A Scanner Darkly Technology

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