Merry Thanksgiving, Fivers! It’s that special time each year that families get together and pretend they don’t hate each other for ten hours straight. J & Q have decided to celebrate by bringing their families together and then secluding themselves in the Writer’s Room to record a podcast about the Top 5 Best Thanksgiving Movies of all time! You might be surprised by how many movies are set in and around Thanksgiving (and in Q’s case, which movies he considers “Thanksgiving movies”), but you won’t be surprised by how much Q and J like to talk about food.

When we aren’t talking about people trying to get home for Thanksgiving, we dive into what we’ve been watching this week and which recent DC release was a holiday disaster (hint: it rhymes with “Justice League” and is spelled the same way). We also answer listener requests just for an extra helping of greatness; so, find your place at the table and join us for a feast of cinematic proportions as we celebrate the holidays the only way we know how: by talking about movies!

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