What you are about to hear is real. It really happened. While the circumstances may seem unbelievable, we assure you that nothing in this episode has been fabricated or enhanced. You are really, and truly, about to listen to Q and J discuss True Crime documentaries and which ones earn a place in our coveted Top 5 True Crime Documentaries list! Join us as we launch from a discussion about Bart Layton’s American Aminals into a full-blown conversion about murder and who captures it best on documentary film.

You’ll be tempted to think that what is happening in your eardrums isn’t real based on our detours and how amazing everything sounds. You also won’t believe your ears when we lay another #MattieMoment on you and tell you about an event that you 100% should not miss. It’s all too good to be true, but it all is true…crime documentaries we are talking about.

True Crime Documentary now

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