It’s that scary time of year when ghosts, ghouls, and TV show Halloween episodes start to rise from their graves. And no, we’re not referencing High Five’s annual SpooktoberweenTacular, we’re talking about when your favorite TV shows give us that amazing gift of a Halloween episodes to fill that insatiable sweet-tooth we all get in October. On this frightful new episode, J & Q delve into our favorite TV shows and rank which ones gave us the best treats and which ones gave us horrifying tricks. You might be surprised by which shows “make the cut” or maybe you guessed the killer in the first scene (hint: it’s Shawn, it’s always Shawn).

When we aren’t seeking out mysterious murderers or slutty pumpkins, Q & J play probably the spookiest game in the history of the show and come up with alternate versions of your favorite jingles to make them more about Q. Things are about to get dark and scary, so you’d better listen to this before the monsters come knocking. Trust us, they’re fans too.

Top 5 TV Show Halloween Episodes