We have a rule never to get involved with possessed people (it’s really more of a guideline), but how can you rank the films of Bill Murray when everything he touches turns to cinematic gold? On High Five: The Podcast, we have such love for the man that we decided it was impossible and instead spent the hour simply discussing what makes Bill Murray so amazing. Live from the set of Garfield 4: Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, J & Q take you on a journey into the life, legacy, and ludicrousness of what takes a comedic actor from humble beginnings to, quite frankly, living legend status. When not making public pleas for the 800 number through which he reportedly decides on projects, we discuss his history of improvisation, the actor-on-actor feuds that fill his life, and the strange confusion that led him to act in Garfield. We’ve honestly never liked a girl well enough to giver her twelve sharp knives, but we’ve dedicated an entire Other Stuff Too to Bill Murray, so listen to it, your life might just depend on it.

Bill Murray