Black Mirror has taken the world by storm, and for good reason! The near-future sci-fi anthology series has been showcasing the storytelling abilities of Charlie Brooker and blowing these humble (SUPER humble) hosts’ minds for nearly four years. In honor of one of the best holiday gifts we received in 2017, Q and J dive into the newest season of Black Mirror to give you the best episode-by-episode breakdown outside of being locked in the employee lounge with Robert Daly talking about “Space Fleet.” Fair warning, SPOILERS for Black Mirror season 4 abound in this episode, and our Arcangel records will tell you the same, so don’t listen to this if you haven’t seen the newest episodes or care about twists getting spoiled for you.

It’s a whole new season of High Five: The Podcast, so we also catch up on what we’ve seen recently (Bright, anyone?) and talk about Q’s man-crush on Charlie Brooker. It’s a wild ride with more twists and turns than a visit to the Black Museum. In this highly-acclaimed episode that Fox News is calling “a very stable podcast,” we start Season 3…..Season 5……Season Threeve by uploading our consciousnesses into podcast form to live forever. Or maybe we don’t and it’s all a projection into your psyche from some futuristic device. We’ll never tell.

Black Mirror USS Callister