Do you even read books, bro? You know, those things made of paper that used to be in libraries before Amazon and the Kindle were invented. Well, at High Five: The Podcast we love it when we can skip a book and just watch the movie instead (like we did in high school), but that doesn’t mean we excuse it when a movie adaptation of a good book is total shit. So, to honor that tradition, J & Q snuck into a library after closing and warded off all the librarian ghosts to sit down and talk about what it means to make a quality book-to-movie adaptation. It turned out to be good timing too because the day we committed B & E (booking-and-entering), Sony finally released the TrailerTown for The Dark Tower. We started our journey in Mid-World and ended up talking about what makes a good adaptation, what makes crappy one, and which ones we can’t wait to see. So, close that book you aren’t reading and listen to us talk about books you should read after you see their movies, so you can be one of those pretentious jerks that always says, “Eh, the book was better.”

Reading a book