Christmas horror movies are a gift from above, like manna from Hellven (yeah, that’s a combo of Heaven and Hell, you get it). For as long as there have been Christmases and movies about murders on Christmases, there have been Christmas horror movies. Q and J open the gifts of which movies they watched last week, ending with a discussion about Better Watch Out, the newest Yuletide frightener.

After the niceties are out of the way, they tear into why stories about the happiest time of the year and horror elements go so well together and list which classic terrifying X-Mas movies are the best. Oh, and they tell you what a “Naughty Chimney” is….it’s not what you think. In this best-selling episode, which The Wall Street Journal is calling “Please stop emailing this address,” you’ll truly understand how black the heart of Christmas is. Put THAT in your letter to Santa.

Christmas horror movie