Every now and then a movie that’s not a Summer blockbuster sneaks under the radar and gives us something off-center and intriguing, which seems to be the case with Dave Made a Maze. This movie looks like a weird amalgamation of Michel Gondry’s Be Kind Rewind and Mark Z. Danielewski’s novel House of Leaves, which is not a criticism in the slightest. Escapism is a popular theme in movies (Pan’s Labyrinth, Gentlemen Broncos, Big Fish, etc), and we like the angle taken in Dave Made a Maze.

Haven’t heard of this movie yet? Check out the TrailerTown and then read our Top 5 thoughts below:

Top 5 Things About the Dave Made a Maze Trailer

  1. Surreal World: Dave’s Maze – Some of our favorite movies involve surrealist elements (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotlight Mind, all of Charlie Kaufman’s films, Holy Motors), and Dave Made a Maze doubles down on those elements, creating a totally impossible labyrinth in a cardboard maze in his living room, basically making all our childhood imaginary games a reality.
  2. Is This Your Cardboard? – Easily the most impressive thing about this movie looks to be the maze design completely in cardboard (imagine J.Lo’s The Cell, but with more boxes). If nothing else, this movie will be worth a watch to see how far they take the cardboard landscapes.
  3. In Thune – Nick Thune may not be a name you are familiar with. His face may be one you recognize from recent Dell and Honda Fit commercials, but you should really be more familiar with him. He’s a marvel as a stand-up comic and him finding his way into more movies and TV shows is a blessing we all should appreciate. As the titular Dave, we’re hoping this movie provides a vehicle for him to get more recognition.
  4. Mini-Taur – If you tell us “the main villain in this movie is a cardboard Minotaur,” you not only have our attention, you will have our money.
  5. CardGored – The capper to this TrailerTown shows the blood and guts of the movie being represented in silly string, paper maché, and art supplies. If that isn’t the best thing about a movie set in an impossible cardboard maze, we don’t know what is.

So, will you be getting lost in Dave’s maze when it hits theaters in August? We know we will!

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