Who could have assumed that when Powerman 5000 was singing about worlds colliding back in 1999 that they were predicting the entertainment behemoth that Disney has become, especially after their recent acquisition of a majority of the Fox libraries. This week, Q and J put on their pop culture prognosticator hats and dive into the Disney/Fox merger and identify the Top 5 Disney/Fox Merger Benefits that we are looking forward to.Yes, Powerman, this IS what it feels like when worlds collide!

Along the way, we dive into the mysteries surrounding The New Mutants and what we think the future could be for Deadpool and other X-Men as well as create the word #Disniversification. If you listen closely, you can even hear Disney issue us Cease and Desist orders in real time! It’s a party and everyone is invited, except for all the Fox employees working overtime for their Disney overlords.

 powerman 5000

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