Well, we made it. We’re officially halfway through this year of our Lord, two thousand and eighteen (2018). J & Q celebrate this un-New Years how we always do: talking about the movies we liked (and disliked) so far this year and coming up with the new definitive opinion on your Top 5 Favorite Movies of 2018 (so far). But this time is special because our list party was crashed by Bastard God King Cory from 615 Film, to talk about a special movie screening we’re hosting and admit to seeing an unhealthy number of movies so far this year.

Join Q as he tears apart Jurassic World and spoils the shit out of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom while J questions everything he thought he knew about little girls in dinosaur movies. Also, don’t miss this week’s announcement regarding Jason Marsden’s world-famous chili recipe. Here’s hoping the rest of 2018 has a few more good flicks left in it!

Favorite Movies of 2018

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