So listen, we aren’t going to tell you that the first Purge movies are the height of recent horror franchises. All the films leading up to The First Purge have had their problems, but one thing we can say for certain is that each one is getting better, and that alone makes us excited to see this newest installment. Outside of that, the premise, along with the genius MAGA-spoof advertising, give us additional hopes that Tomei and company free murder movie will be something worth getting excited about. Outside of that, it feels like the movie is doubling down on the political aspects of the purge reality, which is nice.

But enough of us spoiling our Top 5 list, watch the full TrailerTown and then read our Top 5 thoughts about it below:

Top 5 Things About The First Purge Trailer

  1. Biological Clocks TICKING. LIKE. THIS. – We love Marisa Tomei. She’s an outstanding actor, truly a master at her craft. If you don’t believe us, just watch My Cousin Vinny or Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead and then come back and talk with us. It also doesn’t hurt that we have HUGE crushes on her, so the fact that she is being portrayed as an important character in this movie is of utmost excitement.
  2. Something Funky Goin’ Down – At about the 2-minute mark of the TrailerTown, it’s made known that there might be more going on with this first Purge than meets the eye. Most of the other Purge films have indicated in some way that the societal elites use the Purge as a way to eliminate communities they see as “below” them, but this movie seems to take it a step further and makes it appear that that’s how it was envisioned by people in the government at the onset. Oooooooh, intrigue!
  3. Bob-ombs – The elaborate traps and costumes are always a high point of Purge movies and The First Purge definitely has that. With this being the first ever Purge, it’s believable that people wouldn’t have the craziest costumes, but the death traps can be as cool as necessary. That seems to be true with a bomb-rigged alleyway that comes up around 2:20 in the TrailerTown.
  4. Purge Nerds – The most interesting thing about any of the previous Purge movies (besides the crazy murder) is the premise of the whole thing. Each movie we watch thinking “How in the world is this a thing?!” and we like that this is telling us they are going to answer that question.
  5. DeMonaco Night – We respect someone with a good idea and the wherewithal to get it made. Not only was The Purge the brainchild of James DeMonaco, he wrote and directed every installment of the series thus far. It’s kind of rare for a single writer-director to stick with a series this long and we wouldn’t want anyone else at the helm of this deadly ship.

There you have it, everything good about the first look at The First Purge. Will you be donning a murder mask and heading to the streets on July 4th to see it? Let us know in the comments!