What are you most afraid of? For many, Friday the 13th is a night of terror and mischief. For others, it’s a time to get your naughty on in some secluded woods. And still, for others, it’s a time to come back from the dead, don a hockey mask (or burlap sack with one eye-hole) and murder some horny teens. Whatever your recreational preference for this night of horrors, J and Q have your back and want to take you on a trip of terror through all things Friday the 13th and related. Q gets an education in what happens in the whole series, and J learns about the true demons in his soul. Doesn’t that sound fun!?

If you’re getting too scared, don’t worry, the guys also talk about what they watched this last week and host another installment of The Marsden Minute, where we humbly ask Jason Marsden to be our friend. This is an episode that people are calling “So scary that these weirdos are allowed to have a podcast,” so don’t delay. Turn off the lights, get your safety blanket, and turn up the volume on the newest episode of High Five: The Podcast!

Friday the 13th Jason

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