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Annihilation Review

It’s always so fulfilling when you get to see a movie you’ve been long-anticipating in theatres, and it’s even more fulfilling when you watch the movie and not a single ounce of it disappoints you. Unfortunately for horror and sci-fi fans, disappointment comes far more often than we would like. It seems that nowadays for us, a movie will tend to be a suck fest well before you could even consider recommending it to a friend. Occasionally, however, the game is changed, and that is exactly what Annihilation has done this year.

Annihilation is the sci-fi horror you’ve been wanting to experience. With a strong all-female main cast and beautiful cinematography, director Alex Garland delivers an extremely solid and thought-provoking filmAnnihilation Skulls that will enrapture you long after it’s over. Based on the best-selling book trilogy by Jeff VanderMeer, we follow a group of down-on-their-luck scientists and biologists into an unexplainable phenomena known as “the shimmer.” Natalie Portman plays a grieving biologist on the search for answers to her husband’s eyebrow-raising death that occurred in the shimmer, stopping at nothing to find justice and answers for him. But, some things are better left unknown. As the group ventures further into the shimmer, things begin to take a new shape, and it’s discovered that nature is changing its own biological components to create beautiful things… and ugly ones.

Great acting and absolutely stunning filmography woven with a story of death and rebirth will make this a film you won’t soon forget. The foliage and creatures were so beautiful it made you feel like you had been sucked into the shimmer with the characters. The life, death, and creations within the shimmer made even darkness seem beautiful, and that’s what makes this movie so special, in the way that even what is supposed to be the “scary” aspect of the film really makes the viewer appreciate the creativity of the writers and the capabilities of the shimmer itself. Oh, and the human-like skull bear hybrid? Fucking terrifying. I couldn’t talk about the movie without mentioning that creature. *shudders*

I think some of the themes in the movie might go over some viewers’ heads, so be aware this isn’t a film that is spoon-fed to you. This is one hundred percent a movie you have to pay attention to and contemplate after, and I think that’s another thing that makes Annihilation stand out from other movies of its kind. I would recommend this movie to fans of The Thing, Arrival, and even fans of mind-fuck movies like Donnie Darko (please don’t compare the two, I’m talking thought-wise. I know what you’re thinking Donnie stans!). So grab a movie partner and make your way to the local theatre, because this is a movie you don’t want to miss on the big screen.


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