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Get Down with the Sickness

Being a young horror nerd, nothing ever truly shocks me anymore. I mean sure, I’ll watch the Saw franchise and be equally queasy and grossed out as the next guy, but I mean, it takes a lot for me to be disgusted. I’m talking more than just gore and guts. I need a crazy concept, and I need to be submerged in this outrageous (yet believable) story. I want to be honestly disturbed by a horror movie, don’t you? You totally do. Luckily, I’ve actually compiled a small list of five of my favorite controversial and disturbing movies that you cannot let go unseen as a true horror fan (in no particular order).


Honestly, I never shut up about this movie. Incest, necrophilia, and a shopping list of other incredibly unpalatable actions, this movie has the full package (of fucked-upness) that every horror lover needs to seeA SERBIAN FILM at least one time. A Serbian Film tells the story of a retired porn star experiencing some money troubles and is lured back into the industry for one last go around to help his family. He soon realizes that the “art film” he is taking on, is actually a dark-themed snuff film. You see where this is going. A Serbian Film will have you wanting to take a nice, warm, bleach shower and not speak to anyone for days.

MARTYRS (2008)

We all love a movie that not only tells a good story but can also induce Martyrsnausea. This is what 2008 French-Canadian film Martyrs brings to the table. Martyrs brings us into the lives of two formerly abused young women who are seeking revenge on one of their past abusers. But what starts out as a mildly-chilling revenge film, turns into a grotesque and surreal torture-porn. Almost before you could blink an eye. Or achieve martyrdom.

Don’t you fucking dare touch that American remake though.

RAW (2017)

Strict vegetarian girl gets sucked into a strange mini-cult at her veterinarian school and then develops a strange craving for raw flesh. Yeah,Raw Movie fucking strange concept but it is what it is. But what makes this movie so special (and disturbing) is the believable characters and the flawless metaphor between cannibalism and sexual awakening. I’m a total Stan for an artistic and dark approach to taboo subjects. But I mean, then again, who doesn’t love cannibalistic teenagers.

Excision (2012)

ExcisionWhoa, hey, speaking of weird cannibal teenagers on the quest of finding their inner peace, let’s talk about Excision. This subtly humorous and unsettling film follows an outcast high schooler who’s fantasies about becoming a surgeon prove themselves to be… well… disturbing. Beautifully filmed with strong acting and a very solid script, even non-horror lovers could find themselves immersed in this train-wreck of a story.

We Need to Talk about Kevin (2011)

“Disturbing” doesn’t always mean a disgusting story and loads of vomit-inducing scenes. Sometimes the subtlety of the characters can really set anwe-need-to-talk-about-kevin equally cringe-y mood, and that’s exactly what We Need to Talk about Kevin does. With a star-studded cast and jaw-dropping filmography, this slow-burner wraps us into the relationship of a tired and confused mother with her sociopathic son, and how she copes with the horrific stunts that her son pulls. This movie tells a rock-solid and beautifully dark story of grief, understanding, and love, all while encompassing the harshness of true evil.

So what makes something “disturbing” to you? Is it content? The visuals? Maybe even score? Does my favorites list even slightly compare to yours? Find me on twitter at @omfghay to leave remarks, ask questions, and leave suggestions for following articles.

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