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Binge Watching for Slasher Fans

The End of the Fucking World

You guys already know how I feel about Netflix Originals, considering I mention them damn near every week, and the fact that I’ve just now had the time to watch a full-blown series really puts into perspective how uncomfortably busy I’ve been. But I’ve used my time over this past month to research more horror-related series, but I’m still trying to get out of this “horror movie only” box that I tend to put myself in.

I had been seeing a lot of hype for The End of The Fucking World and to be honest I had no idea what it was even about going into it, I just gathered that it had something to do with a killer kid and included a cute love story. I was fucking shocked. This is one series that horror fans and romantics alike absolutely cannot miss!

The End of the Fucking World gives us a very original and intimate look at the lives of two young children dealing with emotional trauma in very different ways, and how this has shaped one into a disturbed teen with a lust to kill, and the other into a very angry girl with unexplored inhibitions. Following each other’s lead in running away from home, the two end up tangled in a web involving murder and secrets.

Aside from being an absolutely adorable and heart-warming love story (in the weirdest way), there’s also blood and dark themes that made this a watch for horror lovers who still have a little soft spot for romance.

Can we talk about the music and cinematography? The dark but light-hearted approach to capturing the pain and trials of emotional damage captured me instantly. The acting is flawless and by the end of the first episode, you already feel like you know the characters on a deeper level. Seeing the character development carefully unraveled in each episode will leave each viewer entrapped. By the end of the show, I swear I was just sitting in my bed like “Wow. Okay, what do I do now? I feel like me not standing up and applauding is just disrespectful.” The end will have you in utter shock and the fact that there is a possibility of only one season has me in actual tears. I’m going to keep my ear to the streets and keep you guys updated on any information I hear about a possible follow up season.

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