Are you into horror films? Like, REALLY into horror films? We call bullshit. No one is more into horror than our mainline to the under-verse, Haley. She breaks down your favorite scary flicks better than you knew possible. Her keen eye catches the scene within the scene and gives her the skills to critique films so you lucky High Fivers can glean a deeper knowledge of the psychology that is unique to the horror genre. Welcome, to the Gates of Haley.

Dissecting Horror, Pt. 2

Whew, you’ve managed to make it a whole entire week without saying “Fuck it, I’m out” before I could write again. Government shutdowns, nuke scares… the world seems like a horror movie in itself, so as you could imagine, I’ve been very overwhelmed. While everything in the media and news can be a bit difficult to decipher, I’m back with a second part to a very easy to understand horror sub-genre break down for the people who just need to unwind and learn some shit.


Also known as Gothic Fiction, Gothic Horror is a term used in both literature and film that describes macabre events combining horror, dark themes, death, and sometimes a little bit of romance. Goth horror is also centered around a darker period, which has caused a sudden resurgence of these movies and themes (Crimson Peak, horses, carriages, plagues carried by rats… are those wheels turning yet). Frankenstein is a prime example of Gothic Horror that has carried on through literature and film throughout the years.

The ones you should see: Fall of the House of Usher, Interview with the Vampire, Frankenstein

Horro Sub-Genres - Goth Horror


Ah, the theme we have seen played out in movies time and time again still thrives in a horror fans little black heart. Basically any movie that focuses on a group of young adults getting slashed or fighting for survival. The dumb jock, pretty virgin girl, and stoner usually always make a (not so) surprising appearance in these seemingly timeless flicks. Teen horror can also coincide with other subgenres, the favorite pair being slasher/teen. Don’t try to hurt yourself coming up with an example.

The ones you should see: The Cabin in the Woods, Final Destination, I Know What You Did Last Summer

Horror Sub-Genres - Teen Horror


Couldn’t lie to you all, this sub-genre has always been a secret favorite of mine. Disaster horror is a film basically following the plot of a disaster (swarms, natural disasters, aliens) and how the people/town is affected. This subgenre has spread itself across decades of cinema, and with new technology constantly being built every day, the possibilities for these movies are virtually endless. These even goes as far as the fifties, when we saw disaster horror such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

The ones you should see: Cloverfield, World War Z, The Fifth Wave

Horror Sub-Genres - Disaster Horror


A cult favorite ever since we’ve all been scarred since The Blair Witch Project, found footage horror has recently been a huge success. All those creepy “this could totally be real” filmed by a hand held camera and lost for the public to find movies are definitely here. Found footage goes hand in hand with disaster horror, paranormal stories, and pretty much any other genre or sub-genre of film. The raw footage feel can bring a punch of uneasiness to even low budget films (which found footage typically is).

The ones you should see: V/H/S, Paranormal Activity, As Above So Below

Horror Sub-Genres - Found Footage Horror


The secret paranoias we all share, the fear of the unstoppable. Mutant animals, carnivorous plants, flesh eating viruses, and those parts of the water you just really don’t ever want to dip your toes in. Natural horror plays on things that are usually harmless in the wild, becoming something that could suddenly put you in danger. Dating all the way back to the twenties, natural horror has played a major way in the way horror has developed on the big screen, and as a genre as a whole. You can thank the natural horror Jaws for holding you back from those surfing lessons you’ve been dying to take.

The ones you should see: Arachnophobia, Cabin Fever, Cujo

Horror Sub-Genres - Natural Horror

That’s it for the second half of breaking down subgenres for you. Now you have a complete easy-to-read guide to simplify those long nights of web surfing just to find a sound to drown out that whole bag of Doritos you’re eating. I’m so onto you.


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