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Let’s Get Under Your Skin

Okay, one thing I love is being surprised. Another thing that I love is horror movies. So it would only make sense that I would be absolutely over the clouds for stumbling upon a little flick that would appear to be just a regular b-list horror movie but turned out to be so much more. Web surfing this week led me right into the grasps of a fresh, imaginative zombie/parasite horror that I had to tell you guys about. Keep scrolling for a quick overview and thoughts of an indie gem that you can’t let go unseen.

Splinter movie title

Splinter (2008) tells the story of two couples whose paths fatefully cross one night in the middle of nowhere. One of the couples, I should mention, consists of a junkie and a rugged older man who decide to hold the other couple hostage. That’s not all, we are then brought to a gas station where everyone must learn to work together in order to survive against a parasite that is turning people and animals into zombie-like, flesh-hungry monsters. Then comes an hour of explosions, blood, arm sawing, and a malicious crawling arm. Splinter has got it all, a whole lot of plot, but a whole lot of surprises wrapped up in a very entertaining little movie. From beginning to end, each character reacts logically and rationally, and every question my friend and I (loudly) yelled over a bag of Doritos was answered almost instantly.

Splinter Movie
Knocking out all the parasite zombie stigmas, Splinter squashes the need for a huge budget with a solid script and very intelligent and believable characters. The gore and blood were also played just the right amount, no need for excessive shock value when your movie can tell a good story. The creepy bone-cracking parasite has graspable reasons for its actions, and on a story and atmosphere level, everything about Splinter just makes sense. I would recommend this film to people who get a kick out of movies like Cabin Fever and The Autopsy of Jane Doe. I promise no more spoilers, just go check this it right now.

You can find Splinter on Hulu.


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