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Visit Hawkins, Indiana!

Okay mouth breathers, I need you to stop what you’re doing, grab a waffle, put on your Ghostbusters outfit, and take a seat, because I have new Stranger Things news… and this time we are getting closer to the Upside Down than ever before, and it’s coming to Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights this year.

Halloween Horror Nights Stranger Things

No, I’m not kidding. Universal Studios Orlando, Hollywood, and Singapore have announced that they will be bringing Hawkins to life. Matt and Ross Duffer, along with other creators of the show are teaming up with Universal Studios to create an atmosphere that fans would only dream of actually getting to see, until now. With the Duffer brothers playing a hands-on role in this year’s Halloween Horror Nights maze, Universal will be reimagining places from the first season of the hit show to create a completely new and spooky atmosphere for Stanger Things fans all over the country to experience first-hand. The maze is said to follow the storyline faithfully, visiting places like the Byers infamous living room, to the Hawkins laboratory when things went very… upside down. The Stranger Things maze is the first of nine themed mazes that will be announced periodically throughout 2018 and will open starting September 14th.

Could this possibly tell us anything about the third season rumored to be released at the end of this year? We are all paying close attention to anything and everything that is coming out of the cast and directors’ mouths. With filming rumored to not even start until late April, we could be missing our beloved friends from HawkinsStranger Things until 2019. And since the kids are growing fast because, well, they are kids in real life and they are changing by the second, we know the season 3 story is going to take place a year after the events that occurred in season 2… the same gap that we saw between the first and the second season. Introducing new characters and tying up loose ends on stories we’ve been dying to know more about (like what’s up with Max’s crazy but abused brother). Because the producers of both the show and the new Halloween Horror Nights version of Stranger Things details are being kept under wraps, getting any extra details is proving itself to be extremely difficult. All I can say is that I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled when the gates open this fall for any hints on the new season and strap up to defeat the Demogorgon’s that are rumored to lurk the streets…

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