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Let’s Stay Strangers

The Strangers Prey at Night

Have you ever seen that viral YouTube video of that little kid flipping out over the Sonic game series? The one where he’s throwing chairs and screaming about Sega potentially ruining the Sonic Franchise over a new game? Okay so just imagine that video and then keep that in mind as you picture me writing this. As a Strangers fan, I’ve been waiting literal years for the second movie in the franchise. Seriously, it haunted my thoughts, made me scared to stay home alone, and I even had to cope with the fact I had to watch two characters I grew to really like brutally die on screen for absolutely no reason at all. Basically all the things it takes for me to really love a horror movie. This year, I finally got to make my way into the theatres opening weekend with popcorn in hand and a hopeful heart. I was greeted by a.. well.. a surprise on the big screen.

The horror began as soon as the opening scene started. That is, the horror for me when I realized within the first five minutes that this was going to be an extremely cheesy and half-ass attempt at a “shocking” remake. Setting the tone for the whole entire movie, the lazy acting and even lazier writing came together for an embarrassing follow-up to what I consider to be the pinnacle of home invasion horror. All of the subtle and realistic dread and creepiness that The Strangers terrifyingly captured was lost in this predictable and boring movie that makes modern-day slashers insanely repetitive and not even worth seeing. The fear of someone toying with your life for the hell of it that made the original so disturbing was swallowed by lousy deaths and a boring set, and the mystery of the strangers themselves was unveiled too early and it made the rest of the film pointless. A complete disappointment whether or not you’ve seen the first.

I would say this is the typical “people running around being chased by a bad guy” movie but that wouldn’t even describe the laziness just thrown on the screen. Bailee Madison as a “bad girl” teen (which ultimately led up to nothing) was justThe Strangers Prey at Night Review laughable and cringe-worthy. I get they were trying to make *spoiler alert* her mother’s death something of shock-value but again, the whole story and every single member of the family was just another character seemingly picked from a deck of horror stigma cards. The fear of someone toying with your life for the hell of it was swallowed by lousy deaths and a boring set. The only good thing I can say about this movie is that the atmosphere the 80’s vibe created really paid homage to past horror films of its kind, although those movies are much better. And the pool scene? Stunning and I would say it’s one of the coolest shots in horror I’ve seen in a minute. But, even that was short lived.

If you loved the original, prepare to be disappointed. If you like good movies, prepare to be disappointed. The Strangers Prey at Night is all around a disappointing and lazy piece of work that is just not even worth going to see in theatres. Maybe wait a few months until they put this sequel on Netflix, with all the other doomed “seconds”.

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