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Horror: Rebooted

When it comes to remakes, especially horror, it’s either going to be great or absolutely terrible, and that’s something we can pretty much all agree on. For example, the American remake of Martyrs. We can all come to the unanimous decision that it was horrible, and a waste of both my money and the director’s. It’s just a road I don’t like taking anymore. But with the new Halloween release quickly approaching (I swear I was just talking about how I found out there was even going to be a remake at all) I’ve decided to devote my time this week to hand-pick a few of the best horror remakes. Or, I should say, the ones you just can’t miss out on. It’s for your own good.

THE RING (2002)

The Ring - Horror Reboots

This is a movie that has seriously haunted me since the first time I even saw the cover. I mean everyone has seen The Ring, and it’s definitely a horror staple for teeny-boppers growing up in the early 2000’s (like me), and is widely considered to be one of the scariest movies ever. It’s pretty common knowledge however that The Ring is just an Americanized version of Ringu, the 1998 Japanese film that follows the same story. The 2002 American version sticks very closely to the original Japanese story, and delivers all the same creepiness and scares that we loved in the original movie.


The Hills Have Eyes - Horror Movie Remakes

I still absolutely love Wes Craven’s original version of The Hills Have Eyes, but this remake is definitely worth your time. This is a very popular movie, and if you haven’t seen either the original or the newest version I suggest you do so as soon as you get the chance. Armed with a slightly new spin on a very old story, the 2006 version delivers the perfect amount of modern terror, while still holding on to the details that made The Hills Have Eyes extremely original and keeps it watchable to this day.

EVIL DEAD (2013)

Evil Dead - Horror Movie Remakes

I rarely ever get uncomfortable watching a movie, but this one was so demonic and dark I had to take a second to get it together. Using the perfect blend of gore and violence while creating a suffocating and dreary atmosphere, the 2013 version of an 80’s cult classic is damn near perfect when it comes to remakes. Everything that made the 1981 version so disgusting and grimy is brought over nearly 30 years later and still captures the essence that the original so proudly brings forth… but I guess that could be because the original director Sam Raimi played a big role in producing the 2013 remake.

MANIAC (2012)

Maniac (2012) - Horror Movie Remakes

You can almost bet money that you will never hear me say that a remake is better than the original, but here it is not the case. Revisiting the same women-scalping freak story released in 1980, the 2012 version of Maniac is a must watch for fans of gore and psychological terror alike. Elijah Wood plays the perfect damaged psychopath, the script is way more believable, and the camerawork is almost dream-like and that’s what makes this version ten times more disturbing than the original. Maniac pushes the boundaries of a typical slasher film, even the boundaries that its predecessor had set.


Funny Games - Horror Movie Remakes

Even though the American version is virtually a shot for shot remake of the Austrian film by the same name, Funny Games is a movie you just have to see, whether you’re a horror fan or not. This home-invasion film will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end, and the fact that both versions of this movie, though years apart, can still grip you says a lot about the writing and story itself. This is a movie you can’t let go unwatched, especially if you’re a fan of The Strangers.

That’s it for the goods! What about the bad? Do we even want to acknowledge those? I feel like it’s something we need to discuss. Just so we are all on the same page, you know? So while you guys go ahead and digest and rebut this list, I’ll be in front of the big screen refreshing my memory on some of the worst remakes there is to offer… Looks like I have a long week ahead.


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