Long days and pleasant nights, pleasure seekers. We’ve gathered our King Ka-Tet once again for another Take Three Review of a Stephen King adaptation, only this time we forgot our handcuff keys, which is a problem when you’re watching Mike Flanagan’s Gerald’s Game. We stay shackled to this Netflix psychological thriller by talking about Moonlight Men, handcuff preferences, and what you have to do in life to deserve to die and be eaten by dogs. Trust us, it’s all relevant to a couple in the twilight of their lives having a sexy weekend in a cabin…somehow. How many Gerald’s Game puns can we make? How many ear necklaces out of five will our hosts rate this movie? How will we live after seeing Elliot from E. T. do unspeakable things? You’ll just have to find out by listening to our spoiler-full Take Three Review, or by hallucinating Bruce Greenwood talking down to you. It’s up to you.

Gerald's Game