Welcome High Fivers, to the macabre, to the spooky, to the candy-filled Spooktoberweentacular Halloween Special Special on High Five: The Podcast. No, we didn’t repeat ourselves, we created a Halloween Special episode where we dive into one of our favorite Halloween specials. Known to some as Garfield in Disguise, and to many as Garfield’s Halloween Adventure, but mainly known to us as “that Garfield cartoon with the really freaky pirate ghosts.” Q, A, & J sit down after watching Garfield and Odie run afoul of those nautical nightmares to discuss the nostalgia factor in cartoons like this and which parts actually scared us as kids and adults. You’ve already had your Halloween Treat, so it’s time for a little Trick. Pillage Jon’s attic and find a great costume, because it’s time for some candy-candy-candy-candy-candy. Happy Spooktoberweentacular!

Garfield Halloween Special