It’s a week of epic returns, as J returns from the Malta haberdasheries and Incredibles 2 returns to theaters after a 14-year hiatus. We get overly excited about one of those (we’ll let you guess which one), as J recounts his epic adventures from last week and Q catches him up on what’s been happening in The Writer’s Room. With the niceties out of the way, we dive into our thoughts on both Deadpool 2 and Incredibles 2, which launches into a discussion about Pixar and Disney that is sure to embarrass your Great Aunt Martha. Also, quit listening to our show with your Great Aunt Martha.

All your favorite segments are back, as Q and J talk about John Lasseter, which Pixar movies made us cry, and tell you a totally, 100% true fact you’ve never known about your favorite star of TV and film in an all-new #MarsdenMinute. Finally, we end with the definitive list of the Top 5 Pixar Movies. It’s time to dust off your Randy Newman cassettes and launch a shoe-leaf into space, as High Five: The Podcast gets emotional!

Best Pixar Movies

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