Long days and pleasant nights, constant streamers. We’re back on the Path of the Turtle for another Take Three Review of a Stephen King adaptation, this time heading into the sewers of Derry to take on IT. We’ve collected our very own Loser’s Club to venture into Andy Muschietti’s take on this classic novel, once again bringing three different viewpoints to the table: a recent reader/lover of only the novel, a die-hard fan of the 1990s miniseries, and our resident Stephen King über-fan of both the novel and miniseries. Not only do we dive into whether or not we liked the movie, but we discuss where Muschietti diverted from the source novel, try our hand at Pennywise impressions, and answer the age-old question of whether or not IT forever ruined the reputation of upstanding sewer clowns. This episode is full of spoilers and clowns, so beware, but after everything, we find out if we all really do float down here.

Pennywise the Clown IT