The TrailerTown for Richard Linklater’s upcoming Last Flag Flying has us incredibly excited for a few reasons. First off, the cast includes Bryan Cranston, Steve Carell and Lawrence Fishburne, which is enough to get us to any film on the face of the planet. Aside from the stellar cast and crew, Linklater is continuing his trend of creating years-in-the-making  spiritual sequels (i.e. Everybody Wants Some!), but the twist here is that he’s creating a sequel to a movie he didn’t direct, 1973’s The Last Detail starring Jack Nicholson, Randy Quaid, and Otis Young.

Just like any great Linklater film, Last Flag Flying looks to dive into emotionally deep wells and we are definitely in store for some Oscar-worthy performances. Watch the TrailerTown and then read our Top 5 thoughts about it below:

Top 5 Things About the Last Flag Flying Trailer

  1. If I’m Bryan, I’m Lyin’ – Bryan Cranston is one of today’s best working actors. He will easily go down as one of the top actors of the 2000s and we’ve never seen him give a bad dialogue-based performance. Him teaming up with Richard Linklater is a match made in heaven.
  2. Pain + Comedy = Linklater – One thing that all Linklater movies do well is mixing the true grief of life and experiences with the comedy and humor that all humans have within them. This movie is about war and death, and yet the characters feel so real that even in this quick peek there are moments of great levity. What a trip.
  3. Somehow He Manages – Steve Carell is an increasingly impressive actor. We all know he’s funny, but with his turns in FoxcatcherThe Big Short, and Little Miss Sunshine, he has proven to be someone that can give us the feels as well. Given the premise of this movie, we expect many feels from Mr. Scott.
  4. Drinking Buddies – If this TrailerTown is any indication, Last Flag Flying includes a lot of drinking. Bryan Cranston’s character owns a bar and nearly every scene of all the main cast together involves some sort of alcohol. And what is alcohol good for? Getting people to open up and talk, which is what the best Linklater movies revolve around.
  5. Spiritual Journey – We mentioned it in the opening paragraph, but the fact that Richard Linklater is taking a Hal Ashby film from the 70s and creating a spiritual sequel from the original novel’s actual sequel feels unprecedented. Everything about this feels like a spiritual experience.

Will you be joining Steve Carell on his quest to bury his son? We know, for sure, that we will be there waving our flags with anticipation. Hopefully this isn’t the last collaboration between this cast and crew.