Luz looks like a weird movie. The good news is that we LOVE weird movies, especially weird horror movies. Don’t get us wrong, we will go see studio horror movies like IT and A Quiet Place all day long, but when we hear that first-time writer/director Tilman Singer is making a throwback possession horror movie exclusively shot on 16mm, our ears perk up.

Then we saw the TrailerTown.

Holy shit, does this thing look atmospheric and great. Just watch the teaser TrailerTown for Luz and then read our Top 5 thoughts about it below:

Top 5 Things About the Luz Trailer

  1. Style Guide – First off, this movie looks beautifully nostalgic. The choice of Singer to shoot entirely in 16mm to reflect the style of German horror from the 70s and 80s is inspired and shots like Luz walking into the police station (0:10) is wonderfully culled from movies of that era. We’re not saying this will be as good as Ti West’s The House of the Devil, but this teaser trailer gave us the same vibes.
  2. What’s in the Mist? – The Luz TrailerTown doesn’t give a lot away in the way of plot, but even without that, we’d see this movie just for the scenes in the foggy rooms which start getting peppered in around the 0:28 mark. When you film lo-fi, some of the best horror ambiances get realized.
  3. Sin-opsis – Since the TrailerTown doesn’t really go into the plot, just check out what this movie is about from the official synopsis:
    Luz synopsis
  4. Poster, I Don’t Even Know Her – If you were convinced yet of this movie’s dedication to its nostalgic feel, just look at this fabulous poster design. Let it sink into your bones:Luz Movie Poster
  5. Not-a-Goggins – We know Walton Goggins is not in this low-budget, experimental, German horror film, but one of the main actors looks like him. Even that much Walton Goggins flavor in a movie is enough to get us excited. Let’s do this, Fake Goggins!

So, will you get possessed to go see this film when its available to streaming or renting? We know we will. Let us know your favorite old school styled horror movies in the comments!