Intro paragraph: this is where we’ll make a quick, snarky comment that slightly relates to the topic of meta movies and probably try to work in a Deadpool reference [definitely work in a Deadpool reference, maybe two]. The next sentence lets the readers know that this episode is about the Top 5 Meta Movies of all time. The last sentence should probably make fun of Q, or something, and then end with an obscure movie reference or silly pun.

Final paragraph: this paragraph is where we will in the blanks and let listeners know what we watched last week and whether Red Sparrow is worth their time. Somehow, this sentence will reference Charlie Kaufman and J and Q’s vision boards. Finally, we’ll need to mention Jason Marsden and the #MarsdenMinute in this episode, which announces some exciting news. The very last sentence should probably be like a fake quote about our podcast and meta movies or something slightly mean and arrogant (to show how cool we are).

Best Meta Movies

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