In High Five: The Podcast Season 2, we’re taking on new worlds, just like when the Ghostbusters or Clerks took on new lives as animated series, but WAY less sucky. To start off this season on a Buffy the Vampire Slayer high (and not a Lethal Weapon low), we’ll be discussing what makes a good TV adaptation of a successful film. Is it really all about the actors involved, or can amazing films make shitty TV shows (the answer is “Most definitely, yes. Holy Lord God, save us”)? Q and J discuss their favorite movie-to-TV adaptations and dive into the meat of why some work and why some deserve to be thrown into a wood chipper and eaten by sandworms. Put on your learnin’ caps, because you’re getting taken to SCHOOL in this thought-provoking Season 2 premiere of And Other Stuff Too!

Movie to TV Adaptations