Speaking of great original content from streaming services, Netflix just dropped a TrailerTown for the newest film by Duncan Jones. While we love Duncan Jones, we have to admit Warcraft is a shit sandwich inside a dumpster fire, but even with that travesty on his filmography, Moon was so good that we will allow him a mulligan or two. When we heard that Duncan was creating a new movie for Netflix that will be returning to the Moon-iverse and will follow a mute bartender looking for his lost love, we were immediately intrigued. When you add Alexander Skarsgård, Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux to that mix, you have yourselves some podcasters who want to watch your movie.

So, shut your mouth and watch the TrailerTown for Mute and then read our Top 5 thoughts about it below:

Top 5 Things About the Mute Trailer

  1. He Built This City – One of the best things about movies like Blade Runner and Robocop is how well-realized their futuristic worlds are. We aren’t claiming that Mute will join the ranks of those movies, but we are saying that based on this TrailerTown, Berlin 2052 looks like a fun place with real stakes.
  2. Eyes of a Skarsgård – Making the main character of your film a mute is pretty rare, even though it seems recent thanks to The Shape of Water. It can’t be stated enough how hard it is to carry a movie as the protagonist when you have no dialogue. So much of Alexander Skarsgård’s acting in Mute must be done through expression and there are many moments in the TrailerTown that show us he’s putting his best eyes forward to convey emotion.
  3. Maybe Moon-iverse – We love Moon, so even the slightest hint or nod that this movie takes place on Earth after the events of Sam Rockwell’s adventure in space gives us happy twinkles in our pants. This TrailerTown gives very little explanation on how the two films are related, but we’ll take their word for it until we see it. Is it a Sam Rockwell cameo? We sure hope so.
  4. Into The Deep End – When a TrailerTown can make us interested in a movie without giving nearly anything away about the plot, that makes us happy. This TrailerTown does that in spades. We know Paul Rudd is a mysterious American surgeon, we know Justin Theroux is wearing a great wig and is acting insane, and we know Alexander Skarsgård is looking for his blue-haired girlfriend and doesn’t speak. Outside of that, this movie looks like it lives to go off the deep end into craziness territory…..and we’re on board!
  5. Rudd-stache – We want a whole movie dedicated to Paul Rudd’s mustache in Mute. We don’t know what the story would be, maybe a buddy road comedy where Paul Rudd’s mustache goes on a trip with Justin Theroux’s hair. Who knows what it could be, but we want more of it!

So there you have it. We won’t stay mute on our interest in seeing Mute, and we hope that you won’t either. Let us know in the comments if you’ll be watching this when it drops in February or which other Duncan Jones movies are your favorites.