Get your passports ready, because it’s time to take another trip to Equestria with J, Q & A for the much-anticipated My Little Pony TV show marathon recap! As we promised in our review episode of My Little Pony: The Movie, guest co-host A has selected a collection of “good” My Little Pony TV episodes and we’re going to watch them all and compare them against the movie. Foal us once, shame on you, but foal us twice, shame on A. We descend from our high horses to talk about what works and what doesn’t, who the hell this show is actually for, and share our unbridled enthusiasm for Pinkie Pie (how many pony puns do you think we can fit in here). We ponder our pony presuppositions and push past prejudices to parlay positive and pessimistic perspectives on the pretty paltry program, period.

Basically, we did this so you don’t have to!

My Little Pony TV Show