Ahoy, mateys! It’s time to don your eyepatches and peg legs and head out on the High Five Seas with Q and J. But hold onto your butts, this time, we’re welcoming aboard a very special guest, Pirate Sean! In honor of National Talk Like a Pirate Day, all three swashbucklers will be discussing the portrayal of pirates in film and TV: the good, the bad, and the Pirates of the Carribean. We navigate the treacherous waters of Pirate Pun Bay, through the Straight of Bad Impressions, and do a bit of sunbathing in the Devil’s Toenail. You land lubbers will have to decide who tells the worst pirate jokes (hint: it’s Q) and which of our pirate movie pitches you’d want to watch. Join us on our adventure on the seven seas or we’ll make you walk the plank.

Pirates of Penzance